The healthcare industry is fast becoming highly competitive with the entry of corporate hospital chains and super speciality hospitals. The survival is guaranteed only for those who serve the patients better, providing them quality healthcare. Therefore, efficiently managing the operations of the hospital has become an imperative today. Realising the need for an effective hospital management system to address the challenges faced by the healthcare industry, nHobz Solutions has developed nHMS Hospital Management System, a well-defined and eco-friendly hospital management software covering the entire spectrum of the operations of a hospital.

The comprehensive modules and interfaces of nHMS help manage all the administrative tasks in the hospital, right from the registration of the patient to discharge, within a few clicks. Since nHMS is an HL7 compliant system, it can be interoperable with different departments and devices, and there is no need for developing custom interfaces when introducing new analyzers and other devices. The modules in Windows application can be synchronized to online portal and Android application, making nHMS the most unique product in the market, and the most affordable at that.

Since nHMS is modifiable, updatable, and expandable, you don’t need to go for another software when expanding or making changes in your operation. Moreover, there are a robust accounting module and office module which are incomparable in the market. So, nHMS is easily the most integrated hospital management system that covers all the day-to-day activities of the hospital, completely doing away with paper documentation, and helps serving the patients better.

The incomparable features of nHMS:

  1. HL7 compliant system that can be interoperable with other departments and devices.
  2. Synchronized to online portal and android application.
  3. Compliant to ICD 10 Medical Codes.
  4. Customized as per the building plan and operations of the hospital.
  5. Eco-friendly e-documents.
  6. Equipped with a robust accounting and office module.
  7. State-of-the-art Doctors Diagnosis window.
  8. E-prescriptions.
  9. Single-click in-patient discharge.
  10. User-friendly and attractive interfaces.
  11. Every department as a cost centre, and user tracking at its best.
  12. A well-defined data backup policy.
  13. Effective customer service irrespective of the distance and location.
  14. Modifiable, updatable, and expandable with unlimited possibilities.