It’s not an exaggeration to say that today’s world is run by software. So, why should be your business lagging behind? If you are a retailer, wholesaler, distributor or a stockist, nStock Management System is just for you, to make your operations easier and faster.

This all-inclusive software from nHobz Solutions saves your time with fully automated tracking of your sales, purchase, and stocks. With its simple operation and user-friendly modules, nStock Management System is by far the most comprehensive and affordable software solution for you. What more? It’s also GST enabled.

If you have the real-time data of what’s happening in your store at your finger tip, half the battle is won! Then you can serve your customer better, have better control of your business, can plan and executive better, and ensure profit and success. That’s what nStock Management System offers.

Salient features

  1. Generate sales, purchase and stock reports instantly.
  2. Enables stock position and stock value viewing.
  3. Track and trace upcoming expiry of products.
  4. In-built user management for data confidentiality.
  5. Save-as- draft option to allow you to multi-task.
  6. Accounts management and advanced accounting.
  7. Vendor database to pick and choose suppliers.
  8. Track debtors and creditors, and repayments.
  9. Instant viewing of cash and bank transactions.
  10. Generate trial balance and balance sheet.